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Awesome job today! Really appreciated the Tour de Zones, (got my HR up to 183 for nearly :30. Hello zone 5!). My students really learned a lot from that workout!
Another great session today...What a treat having Sally Edwards speak to us today! I know plenty of triathaletes that would have paid money to hear her speak and we get to hear her just as part of our program. Awesome!
Once in a while, a video comes along that is worth the entire price of membership, and this one is it.
"Best indoor cycling experience I’ve ever had”.. is a quote from one of my toughest to please students. Kudos to you!
I'm sad training is over :( thank you so much for the wonderful people you have introduced me to. The guest instructors this year were fantastic.
I want to say my first ride outside met and exceeded all of my wildest expectations. I have to admit though that my pedal stroke was much more fluid and efficient and I found I could hold a faster cadence than last year on the hills. Heart and lungs felt great, bottom line, I am so much more aware of everything that's going on with my body, bike & breath & how it ALL fits together!
All my people were very happy with the program today! Excellent job! Thank you
This is the best cycling training that I have ever participated in. Keep up the good work.
I must say I love the “Winter Training Program” so far. I can tell it’ll help my riding immensely. After this last Saturday I thought I’d be wasted for 2 days like I would have been last year. Not so! Hurrraaahhhhh I was NOT sore at all the next day!
Mary Ellen
Sorry but, I just have to boast a bit. I ran the Parkway Classic 10 miler running race today. I finished it with the same time I ran it 6 years ago, but the cool thing is the only cardio training I did was Cycling Fusion winter training!! I ran one 5k in February, one 4 miler in March, and another 5k a week ago. That's it for running training. My hubby was impressed. So Winter Training also benefits any runners out there who don't want to spend the winter running on a treadmil.
Students this am gave me great feedback on the program. Tim, rode outside yesterday for 3 1/2 hours and had one of his best rides ever. He has never done a solid base for himself and is already experiencing the results. Larry, the one who just started using a computer, told me he LOVES the program so much and was concerned about what he would do in a month when it is over.
Hey Guys, I wanted to tell you that this is the first year I've ever done a winter training of any kind. I just started riding last year in May after not riding much if any for over 20 years. Last year I did NO low zone work and I struggled big time to keep up with the best riders in Quincy. I was always getting dropped when the tempo increased. This year is completely different. On the ride this morning I was in a group of 4 top riders from this area, some half my age, and I was not only staying with them in the fast pace line but won the final sprint into town. I owe this all to the winter training program.
Really great lecture and workout! Great delivery on the workout Tom. Everyone loved your strong presence and clarity and intensity. You were the captain of the ship! People liked that they could hear you and not have your voice over shadowed by the music. Overall this was one of the best sessions delivery and technology wise.
I was blown away by the winter training simulcast last week, John. (this email came to ICI / PRO and forwarded to us at Cycling Fusion) It was just like being there. I could see both Gene and the class and comment or ask questions. The fact that Tom was leading the online chat discussion and Sally Edwards made it amazing. How often do you get to interact with two people of that stature?
The information in this class saved me major $$$ on my maintenance. You owe it to your pocketbook to watch this video.
Breath, cadence, pedal stroke, heart rate, nutrition/fuel, hydration, power, mental & physical strength/calmness - all of the elements I needed to be successful for my (first ever) event were covered in Winter Training, even learning how to persevere (aka "suck it up") through those inevitable uncomfortable points during the ride :) It was almost like you were along for my ride saying, "ok Kristy, you're going down this big hill and you can see the next one up ahead, what do you need to do?"
With these virtual rides, why spend money on a real bike and risk injuries, plus pay maintenance? The virtual classes are a great replacement for a real bike.
I am pleased to say that on Friday, I rode a 50 mile ride that included Thunder Ridge (total elevation over 3800 feet) located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The ride was challenging as I was used to riding the flatlands of Eastern North Carolina, however, with the Cycling Fusion training program, I was able to complete the ride without dismounting except for planned rest stops. The training really paid off for me as I know that last year at this time, I would have probably not made it. I was able to complete the ride without any time in zone 5!
Hey Guys I won my first ever road race today, cat 5 of course, in St. Louis at the Tour De Grove. Nasty misty raining the whole time. There was a 160 degree turn 300 yards from the finish line and with the streets being wet I didn't want to go down so I attacked hard about a mile from the finish line just when they sat up and went a little slower. I went for it and got about a 100 yard advantage that they couldn't make up. That way I took the last nasty turn at a reduced pace and then sprinted for the finish line. Thought I'd share the good news with you guys. I was the only one that wasn't wearing team jerseys.
Great class! Many thanks.
I'm 55 and have spent the last few years at the computer for far too many hours. I've had Lyme disease and was immobilized for 5 years. I have had periods in my life with lots of exercise and very little exercise. Now, I would like to increase my exercise, but in a way that gives me energy rather than drains me. The only riding instruction I have had is in your winter training program. This weekend we took our bikes out and went for a ride on the Canal trail. We rode to the end of the trail, the furthest we have ever ridden! There were some huffing and puffing moments where we felt like you and your Winter Training crew were inspiring us onward. The biggest progress we both noticed was that we could do the little hills with no problem. It's a fairly flat trail, but the small little inclines have been real deterrents in the past.
WOW, the secret sauce is no longer secret - Winter Training is only at the half-way point and it's turning heads! It was overheard on the MS150 (Houston to Austin) last weekend..."she's how old? No way!" and, in their next gasping breath.. "she's makin' us all look bad, thought you were kidding - we'll have to ride 28 mph and catch up.." Week number 7 -- the adventure continues!
Thank you so much for offering the webcast discount to the ICIPro members. I am learning so much by watching you coach. I look forward to taking classes from both you and Tom at ICI Pro this year. The class loved your Tour De Heart Zones profile. It was a light bulb moment for many of them!
If you want leg muscles, ride to this video a few times each month.
Bravo guys. You rock. Let's get my HR (and hopefully my power) updates online soon. Let's have an awesome day tomorrow !!!!
CyclingFusion is the Harvard of the cycling world.
See you tomorrow from your snowy backyard to mine (I'm not even going into the 7-10 inches thing). You have your class in front of you and I will have my biggest supporters (ages 11/13) behind me playing "Black Ops" wondering why Mom is trying to say the "Pledge..." mind you, with breath.
Pilates instructor was precise, articulate and my class enjoyed her very much. They all appreciated the improvement in both camera work (good job Dustin) and the more appropriate instruction for their level (it was still challenging for some of the men - but doable).
Starting off at 260 I'm a horse. But I'm down to 238 already just by putting in the work. The guys I bike with started telling me today not to take any more weight off. I think their getting nervous. :-) I've learned a ton from this course and I highly recommend it to everyone. What an awesome difference it has made with me.
Bottom line, I think the simulcast is the teaching tool of the future.
Gene, Bravo to the 10th degree on all the educational information & exhilarating rides you presented over the past 12 weeks! I finished the Winter Training on my own & feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. For the first time in a long time I put myself first, EVERY Sat., for 12 weeks. I let NOTHING deter me from my Sat. morning appointment with all of you. I feel stronger, healthier & happier because of what you gave me, because of what I gave to myself.
Will it help me teach a better class? I think so, I think they'll learn a lot!
This class is a must for preparing for any biking marathon.
Yesterday's session was great! I feel better today than I have for months. I have to admit the pilates must have loosened my hip up as I am able to move more easily than before. I will try to log in while on the road and see how things are going. I will miss you and the 'team' while away. Great session!
I was too overwhelmed during the start-up phase of the studio (we opened Dec. 1st, 2010) to take this on, but after receiving an e-mail invitation from Jennifer Sage to watch last Friday night, I decided to also sign up for one week of your Winter Training to check it out. I have been completely blown away. What you are doing is so incredible, so comprehensive, that I can say now that I absolutely want to be a facilitator and offer this through JoyRide next winter!!!
As I exited my bike Sunday at the finish line, I looked up to the beautiful, blue sky above and thought of Gene, Tom, Jennifer & Sally and said a quiet, emotional "thank you". This journey has been and continues to be so overwhelmingly sweet.
This is the ride I take 2-4 times per week. It has a lot of short climbs. I always judged my fitness by my time which varied between 59 min and 1:02 minutes. On my first ride after winter training my goal was only to try to keep my cadence high. (I trained to keep it between 90-95 on the Keiser). My previous cadence averaged between 65-70. I set a personal best ride in time with an average cadence around 83. My heart rate did stay in higher zones, but I did not have difficulty riding. I also learned the importance of base training in zone 2, even if it took me over a month to work on it.
Went really well today. The group was more focused than Saturday. Several said that the workout was the best yet! The cues were really clear, and they loved Nina. Three people came back from the live broadcast on Saturday to do it again to the archive.
Nice job yesterday. Really enjoyed the format-well done to all! Looking forward to upcoming weeks of having someone train me!
I cannot wait for next year! The goals and passions of Cycling Fusion are now mine too and I hope to educate my clients as well as you have with all the knowledge you've so graciously passed on. Thank you :) !!
Gene-I'm a new Fusion junkie. I am very surprised, as I have worked out alone for most of 40 years. As you are most aware, if you have a training agenda (as I usually do), riding with others, outside, rarely works as they are either to fast or to slow. Today was the best workout I have had in 8 months, and leads me to believe that I will not only have others, but, do a good STP in 2012.
I look forward to every Sat., not just because of all the great information, the guest speakers, the ride & stretch....but because you give me time to think about ME. Bravo!
My respect for this sport and those who excel in it has grown exponentially. I just did my very first ever 50 mile ride. My goals for this year are still the same; 1.) To ride faster and stronger over greater distances & 2.) To successfully finish a Century ride.
I completed the New Leaf Testing today at Cycling Fusion. I am very pleased with the improvements. My VO2 max went from below 40th percentile to 85th percentile. My zones improved greatly with increased improvement of fat utilization efficiency.
The virtual ride with breathtaking view! Learned a lot from Gene's and your cueing--fun, encouraging, power boosting... I would get the last song of the final climb at any cost:) It is so powerful!
I followed you Saturday for the whole day on Time Warner Cable Maine. I fell in love with both of you at the very intimate, yet energizing 1st ICI/PRO conference last fall (in Boston). I just happened to come across the live "feed" class you were offering last Saturday online. Absolutely wonderful job. I enjoyed the lecture, ride & the Yoga sessions so much that I signed up for the rest of the Winter Season AND purchased a power meter trainer for my outdoor bike when I have 2 perfectly good Spinner bikes in my home. I applaud you both for everything you are doing.
To date your program has been absolutely phenomenal. I missed weeks 2 & 3 as I was out of the country on business. I cannot say that I have caught up entirely, but my performance has increased dramatically over the past two weeks (I am 70 years old and have used a heart rate monitor for at least a decade but this is the first time I have used it effectively). All in all the program is fantastic!
I cannot believe that its been 10 1/2 months since i broke my leg. thanks to the format of winter training i was able to ride with my friends without a problem :) yeah!!! i am soooo happy
Buy a membership in CyclingFusion, it will cost you 1/10 the money of your current human coach, and CyclingFusion never gets cranky.
Great class today and I want to express that the program has been a perfect learning experience for understanding zone based training. Especially since I'm usually the type who hammers every time out and bonks too often due to under trained stamina and an underdeveloped knowledge of fuel consumption. So thanks for developing the program to straighten out those of us who needed a little direction.
2015 Winter Training - Lecture #1 - Diabetes
Faculty: Gino Nacey
Duration: 29m 14s
Type: Fitness
Lecture or Practical: L
Company: Cycling Fusion
Level: All
Eq. Needed:
NOT Available to Instructor subscribers
Coach Gino goes over the basics of Winter Training and introduces Andrew Wade, our guest dietician, who speaks briefly on post-workout carb intake.
2016 Intro To Winter Training
Faculty: Gino Nacey
Duration: 11m 57s
Type: Cycling, Fitness
Lecture or Practical: L
Company: Cycling Fusion
Level: All
Eq. Needed:
NOT Available to Instructor subscribers
This video explains the main differnces with the 2016 Winter Training Program and how to prepare for it.
Free Class 1
Instructor: Gino Nacey
Duration: 61m 31s
Level: All
Views: 197
Focus: Testing, Threshold Mgt.
Company: Cycling Fusion
Category: Performance Testing, Threshold Management
Training Load Pts: 0
NOT Available to Instructor subscribers
Week 1 of Winter Training is always good for one thing: a field test. This year is no different. Settle in and get ready to find your Heart Zone thresholds.
Free Class 3
Workshop Type: Cycling, Fitness
Time Allottment: Half Day
Time of 1 Session: 1:05
Total Sessions: 1
Retail Price: $0.00
Level: Advanced
Company: Cycling Fusion
Group Materials: No
This class is a blend between an Indoor Cycling class, and an information exchange between Master Instructor & company founder, Coach Gino and a group of local instructors wanting to learn more about what makes a Cycling Fusion class different from the average Spinning class.
Sally Edwards Entries - #1
Faculty: Sally Edwards
Duration: 18m 51s
Type: Fitness
Lecture or Practical: L
Company: Heart Zones
Level: Specialty
Eq. Needed:
NOT Available to Instructor subscribers
Sally Edwards
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