Our Commitment To Quality
Sound Engineering requires it’s own dedicated focus and expertise.
We take our mission of fusion seriously, and do whatever it takes to get the point across even if it means having fun in the process.
New Riding/Filming Studio
Our Cycling room was built for riding and filming, poised to bring a continuous flow of new content to both commercial facilities and individual homes. (Click image for slideshow of behind the scenes photos)
Multiple Staff Specialties
Our staff consists of engineers who specialize in software development, video production, and who are all as passionate about what they do as we are about cycling.
About Us
Our mission is to see Cycling specific indoor riding spread across the globe. We believe this to be nothing less than a movement of and by cyclists of all categories and abilities who "get it" - that Indoor Cycling can not only be fun, but it can make us better, more fit cyclists.

Idea whose time has come.
Streaming video has finally arrived in almost every industry that has use for “moving pictures”. Now, instead of budgeting yourself for a few new DVDs each year, you can have access to hundreds of hours of Cycling Training videos at a fraction of the cost, and with the incredible flexibility of being available wherever you travel, on multiple devices.
Fusing Four Companies
Global Ride Productions had already began to shake up the Indoor Cycling market by taking a concept that was only just beginning to catch on in the basements and “suffer caves” of dedicated cyclists to the commercial facilities across the U.S. This was the first FUSION of the outdoor experience to the indoor environment. Read about it: http://bit.ly/oKmUgF
Triathlon hall of famer Sally Edwards showed us how to train with a heart monitor and has created the most fundamental method of bringing fitness to the masses, and superior performance to those so dedicated. Purchasing Heart Zones® Cycling was the second act of FUSION of tested and true Sports Science into the cycling room.
Acquiring Tom Scotto/s Stage5 Cycling was the third FUSION that would bring an understanding and experience with competitive cycling. Stage5 was founded on Tom’s passion for high performance outdoor cycling and an insight into the Indoor Cycling world that few had ever fathomed. Tom’s daily work is now at the core of who we are today.