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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many times can I watch the videos?
A: As often as you want while you are a subscriber.

Q: When do new videos come out?
A: New videos get added at the begginning of every month!

Q: Can I download or save the videos?
A: The videos are streaming and are accessible anytime you're online and logged into our website.

Q: What type of internet connection speed do I need to view the videos?
A: Our videos are best when viewed using a broadband connection such as DSL or a cable modem.

Q: Can I watch it on Mac and a PC?
A: Absolutely!
Music publishers & artists, Faculty members & Indoor Cycling Instructors have all agreed break with the norm, and to defer their fees in exchange for royalty payments. Without this shared risk model, this service would not be possible. Your membership insures the success of this approach, and consequently will lead to more good music, more great classes, more outstanding virtual rides, and more cycling specific education. Thank you for your support!